Tom Oomen

Bosgra Collection

A while ago, Anna Bosgra asked Paul Van den Hof, Maarten Steinbuch, and myself to think about a good spot where Okko's private book collection so that it can be used for control research. This is probably the world's largest and one of the most beautiful privately owned collection of almost any book on systems and control. In fact, we all knew that Okko had a large collection of books at his house, but we could not imagine that the collection was this huge!

Okko was promotor during my Ph.D. studies and one of the most influential persons in my academic career (interestingly, Maarten Steinbuch was one of his first Ph.D. students and I was the last who was supervised for the entire period by Okko). We are very happy to report that the books are now under our care in the “Bosgra Collection Library” in GEM-Z 0.05 at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We are still in the process of making a list of the books and they cannot be borrowed yet, but you are very welcome to consult them in the "Bosgra Collection” Library! For any questions, please do not hesistate to contact me. A detailed overview of the books can be found here. Thanks to the Bosgra family!

Early November 2014 the books were delivered in “several” boxes:

The hard work started with a team of: Rolf, Rick, Annemiek, Jurgen, Joost, Frank, Eelco, Behnam, Victor, Michiel, Duarte, and myself. The work consisted of stamping the books with the mark shown above and sorting alphabetically:

and then creating a human transport chain system for moving the books to the bookshelves:

not to forget some customization by our skillful Ph.D. candidates:

leading to the final result after approximately 37,5 man-hours of work:

Some of the collector's items in the collection:

Continue here for the entire collection!