Tom Oomen

Present Post-Academic Courses aimed for industry (Organised together with mechatronics academy and high tech institute)

Please see movie for an introduction of the Motion Control Tuning course. All courses follow a similar setting: small scale short lectures intertwined with experimental setups where the results are immediately applied!

  • Advanced Motion Control, extend your loop-shaping knowledge to multivariable systems, including interaction analysis, decoupling, sequential loop-closing, multivariable Nyquist, model-based control (like H-infinity loop-shaping). All of these are applied on a multivariable testbench. See this book chapter for a glimpse of the ideas in this course.

  • Advanced Feedforward Control, learn how to improve the performance of your system! In this course, advanced feedforward control, iterative learning control, and repetitive control are explored, with actual implementation on a desktop printer. See this recent Mikroniek article and an interview for a glimpse of the ideas in this course.

Present Academic Courses

  • Advanced Motion Control (TU Eindhoven, Q2)

  • Learning Control (TU Eindhoven, Q4)

  • Design Methods for Control Systems (DISC)